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OnDemand Course: Fundamentals of Foreign Trust Administration

Fundamentals of Foreign Trust Administration

Confidently handle your client's trust needs - get a thorough understanding of foreign trust administration.Many U.S. taxpayers have or are considering establishing a foreign trust for privacy, asset protection or other...

OnDemand Course: Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts

Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts

Learn how to effectively plan with intentionally defective grantor trusts and know the tax issues related to them.Intentionally, defective grantor trusts are a common topic of discussion among estate planners and are...

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OnDemand Course: Specialized Firearm Trusts

Specialized Firearm Trusts

Having a firearms trust will help you to maintain value of your firearms and ensure safe transfer upon death.The United States has over 300 million privately owned firearms in the hands of 100 million private owners.

OnDemand Course: Opportunities and Drawbacks of Directed Trusts

Opportunities and Drawbacks of Directed Trusts

Gain a better understanding of directed trusts, how they are created, and what they are intended for.Directed trusts are being used to add flexibility in administering a trust.

OnDemand Course: Basics of Trust Administration

Basics of Trust Administration

Gain a thorough understanding of trust administration best practices.Many individuals who are named as trustees or successor trustees are unaware of the myriad duties and responsibilities that come along with the office.

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