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Title Issues for Lending Professionals

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Find out what title insurance covers and how to combat common title issues.Not having a solid understanding of the title can cause headaches for everyone involved in the title process. This topic offers insights into what the title insurance policy really covers. Get answers to some commonly asked questions, such as what should you be concerned about on Schedule A? What types of exceptions on Schedule B-II should you worry about? What is the difference between an owner's policy and a loan policy? Come away with a better understanding of the most common title issues and ways to combat them in the future.


Duane H. Wunsch, Fidelity National Title Group, Inc.


Title Risks That Await Investors

• The Public Land Records

• Choices of Title Insurance and Title Products in the Marketplace

• Spectrum of Liens, Defects, and Encumbrances

Risks to Lenders Posed by Loans Involving:

• Individual Borrowers

• Trusts

• Business Entities

Achieving Priority Relative to:

• Other Mortgages

• Security Interests in Manufactured Homes and Fixtures

• Tax Liens

• Other Creditors

Components of the Commitment for Title Insurance

• Schedule A: Proposed Insured, Current Owner, and Legal Description

• Schedule B-I: Requirements

• Schedule B-II: Exceptions

- Standard Exceptions

- Special Exceptions

Components of the Policy

• Covered Risks

• Conditions

• Exclusions

• Recent Changes to the Policy

• Are You Covered for These Items?

Loan Policy Endorsements Worthy of Consideration