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Excel® Fundamentals for Bankers

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Learn the fundamentals of Excel® and its application for banking and financial professionals.Working in Excel gets challenging when what you know hits the wall of what you don't know. In this course, you will learn the elements of a worksheet, how to manipulate cells, and how to work with the Ribbon, including making custom groups. You will learn about formula and functions, their operators, and how Excel works its way through formulas. We'll also take a dive into data analysis and statistics. What exactly is standard deviation anyway?


Jill A. Trehearne,


What Is Excel?

• History

• What Can Excel Do?

Construction of an Excel File

• Worksheet

• Workbook

Elements of the Worksheet

• Absolute/Relative

• Range of Cells

The Ribbon

• How to Make Changes

• How to Customize

Keyboard Shortcuts

Numbers (Yes, Some Math Helps)

• Operators

• Formulas

• Functions

Formatting/Conditional Formatting

Data Analysis

• Forecasting


• Mean

• Average

• Standard Deviation