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Tracking Cash Flow From Your Business and Real Estate Investments

OnDemand Webinar (59 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of the underlying drivers of cash flow and the tools to analyze improvement.This material will provide cash flow techniques that can apply to a wide range of business scenarios and address the underlying drivers of cash flow. There will be an in-depth review of the integrity of financials presented, how the accuracy of the information leads to solid decision-making to improve profitability, and the hidden landmines in financial statement reporting. This material is intended to give confidence to the actual cash flow of the business.


Theran J. Welsh, CPA, SVA Certified Public Accountants


Analyzing the Report Card

• Accrual vs. Cash Reporting

• Cash Flow Statement

• Impact of Entity Structure

• Where Are the Landmines?

Key Metrics

• Working Capital

• Gross Profit


• Why Trend Analysis Is Important?

• Case Study

Observations of Value

• Global Cash Flow Statement

• Impact of Tax Planning Decisions

• Related Party and Family Transactions

• Personal Financial Statement Model

The Real Estate Industry

• Key Metrics

• Case Study