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Avoid Disaster in Real Estate Closings

OnDemand Webinar (99 minutes)

Be prepared for problems that may arise during the real estate transaction process.This topic will explain how to preempt various issues during the negotiation and drafting phases, with an eye toward securing an optimal contract for one's client. It will also address the types of issues that surface as the transaction unfolds, whether during the due diligence phase or even at settlement, offering practical solutions and practice tips. Finally, it will cover litigation topics and cost-benefit strategies to assist you with delivering the most value-added legal services to your clients.


Harper J. Dimmerman, Esq., Dimmerman PC
Alan Nochumson, Esq., Nochumson P.C.


The Importance of the Agreement of Sale With a Discussion of Critical Provisions

• Due Diligence

• Financing

• Escrow

• Timelines

• Zoning

Issues That Arise Post-Contract Execution and Solutions

• Drafting Addenda

• Certificates of Occupancy

• Mortgage Complications

Issues at Settlement and Problem Solving

• Punch Lists

• Escrow Agreements

Post-Settlement Issues

• Disclosure Issues

• Mediation