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Top 20 Collection Tips You Must Do Now

OnDemand Webinar (62 minutes)

Learn collection tips that will help you secure payment, speed up the collection process, perform surefire client screenings, and more.The title of this topic speaks for itself and takes on heightened significance to the professionals who learn from it. While the target audience may be attorneys, lending professionals, accountants, credit and collection managers, financial personnel and other management levels, this is equally applicable to any businessperson who just wants to get paid and timely. With the tightening of the economy and everyone's financial belt, what better way to access capital - your own. At the end of the day that cash flow monkey on the business person's back affects every aspect of the enterprise's financial strength. That's why taking control of your accounts receivable and keeping bad debts and lackluster cash flow at bay requires constant vigilance. This topic of solid ideas (albeit many just a logical approach) provides additional tools for the business person's arsenal of resources to fight this never-ending battle.


Martin H. Abo, CPA, ABV, CVA, CFF, Abo and Company, LLC


Must Know Tips on Securing Payment

Issues Surrounding the Timing of Billing and Tips That Will Help You Collect Faster

Tips to Underscore the True Cost of Slow Receivables

Surefire Ideas on Client Screening and Up-Front Efforts

Ready to Implement Tip to Help Reduce Bad Debts