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Lending Compliance for Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)

OnDemand Webinar (71 minutes)

Understand the requirements and challenges that can exist with HELOCs.This presentation will provide an overview of the compliance requirements with HELOCs, and assist you in better understanding the marketing, processing, regulatory, and other compliance requirements in offering and servicing HELOCs. This material will also provide you with a better understanding of the regulatory requirements and challenges that can exist with HELOCs. In addition, this topic will address the opportunities that may be present to better hone an institution's consumer credit product offerings.


James Milano, Weiner Brodsky Kider PC


Overview of Home Equity Lines of Credit Topic

• History of HELOCs

• First Regulation of HELOCs (the HELCPA)

• Federal Reserve Board's Initial HELOC Regulations, and Applicability of Current CFPB Rules

Regulation Z Marketing and Practice Requirements and Limits on HELOCs

• Advertising Rules

• Application Processing and Limits on Fees

HELOC Application Disclosures

• Timing of HELOC Application Disclosures

• Content of HELOC Application Disclosures

HELOC Closing Disclosures and Servicing Issues

• Timing of HELOC Closing Disclosures

• Content of HELOC Closing Disclosures

• Limits on Suspension and Termination of HELOCs

Requirements of CFPB and Other Rules

• Section 32 High-Cost Home Loan Rules

• ECOA and Appraisals

• Flood Requirements