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Utilizing Formulas in Microsoft® Excel®

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Learn how to unlock powerful Excel® formulas and features.

Anyone using Excel® invariably needs to create and understand how to use formulas and functions. For some Excel® users, it is the centerpiece of what they do on a daily basis. Many Excel® formulas involve simple mathematical constructions using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but sometimes you need more complex formulas to reach an answer. Excel® has more than 450 built-in functions that simplify what could be more cumbersome and lengthy formulas. Whether it's calculating the monthly payment on a car loan or quickly tabulating a total or average for a column of numbers, Excel's® functions give you a tremendous capability to tackle a myriad of statistical, mathematical and financial challenges, not to mention functions that extract valuable date information and let you manipulate text at the character level. This topic will give you a ton of valuable tools to make you a master at creating formulas, auditing worksheet formulas, mastering the way to understanding many of those 450+ functions, and some real insight and depth into highlighted functions, such as IF, VLOOKUP, COUNTIF (and its related functions), ROUND (and its companions), powerful array formulas and the potent (but overlooked) text functions.


Dennis Taylor, Taylor Associates


Basic Formula Concepts

Using Parentheses and Understanding How Excel® Calculates Formula Data

Auditing Tips - Locate a Cell's Dependencies and Those Cells That Cause a Formula to Change

Display All of a Worksheet's Formulas With a Simple Keystroke Shortcut

Use a Special Debugging Key to See What Portions of a Formula Evaluate to

Highlight All of a Worksheet's Formula Cells With Just a Few Clicks

Use Autofill Techniques and Formulas Together to Quickly Build Numerical and Date Lists

Optimize Your Use of the Insert Function Button - a Great Time Saver When You Need Help

Formulas Values in One Action, Not by Using Lengthy Multistep Sequences

Discover the Power of the IF Function; Master Its Complexity With AND and OR Functions

Extract Data From Massive Tables With the Powerful VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Functions

Gain Real Analytical Power as You Learn to Use COUNTIF and SUMIF, and Its Companions

Learn Key Tips to Understanding How to Use Financial Functions

Identify Weekdays, Working Days and Date/Time Differences With Date/Time Functions

An Overview of Statistical and Mathematical Functions - Which Ones You're Likely to Use

Clean up Data Quickly and Easily With the Seldom-Used but Powerful Text Functions