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Regulation E: Preauthorized Transfer Compliance

OnDemand Webinar (57 minutes)

Understand the specific Regulation E requirements and the relevant rules and regulations.Regulation E: Preauthorized Transfer Compliance is part of the Federal Reserve System. Businesses must comply with EFTA while implementing Regulation E when using preauthorized EFTs. Preauthorized EFTs refer to an electronic fund transfer authorized in advance to recur at substantially regular intervals. This course will go through the background, scope, authorizations, disclosures, and regulatory requirements relevant to preauthorized EFTs. If you are new to Regulation E, this is a must-have. If not, this is a great refresher.


Justin Muscolino, Tweezzle


Regulation E: Preauthorized Transfer Compliance

• Background

• Scope

• Definitions

Authorizations and Disclosures

• Disclosure Requirements

• Preauthorized Transfer

• Consumer Authorization Requirements for Preauthorized EFTs From a Consumer's Account

• Consumer Authorizations in Compliance With EFTA and Regulation E

• Providing a Copy of the Authorization to the Consumer


• Background

• Scope

• Stop Payment Rules

• Examinations