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Mortgage Servicing Key Changes and Requirements

OnDemand Webinar (62 minutes)

Gain an understanding of federal and state laws and regulations on mortgage servicing.Mortgage servicers manage mortgage loans from the time they are originated until the loan is paid off, satisfied, or foreclosed. Most residential mortgage loans are managed by servicers for the benefit of the holders of the loan. Mortgage servicers primarily collect and process mortgage payments. The responsibilities of mortgage servicers include sending monthly statements, maintaining, and verifying account balances, handling escrow accounts, engaging in loss mitigation, and handling and managing foreclosures. Mortgage servicers are a critical link between mortgage borrowers and the mortgage loan owners. This topic will provide an overview of federal and state laws and regulations on mortgage servicing, including a detailed overview of requirements under federal RESPA and TILA, as well as current developments under CARES Act-related forbearance and financial responsibility requirements for non-bank mortgage servicers.


James Milano, Weiner Brodsky Kider PC



• Overview of Federal Laws and Regulation



- Other Federal Laws (FDCPA, EFTA, HPA, FCRA, GLBA, ECOA, UDAAP)

• Overview of State Laws

- Regulatory Approvals

- Fee Limits and Disclosures

Detailed Discussion of Laws and Regulations



• Other Federal Laws

CARES Act-Related Forbearance Issues


• CFPB Rules

• GSE Requirements

• FHA Requirements

Financial Responsibility Requirements

• CSBS Proposal

• State Law Requirements

• GSE Requirements

• FHA/Ginnie Mae Requirements