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Document Management Ethics and Best Practices for Credit and Collection Agencies

OnDemand Webinar (57 minutes)

Gain an understanding on document management ethics and best practices.All credit and collection agencies hold personally identifiable financial information for their clients in either electronic or physical formats. How should an agency manage that data and when should an agency destroy that information? This material will cover the reasons behind establishing and maintaining a records management program and will provide guidelines for when records, regardless of format, should be destroyed and when they should not be destroyed.


Mark J. Fidel, RiskSense, Inc.


Reasons for Implementing a Records Management Program

• What Is a Document?

• What Is a Record?

• What Is Records Management Program (RMP)?

• Why Develop an RMP?

Records Retention and Destruction

• Guidelines

• Legal Actions and Suspension of Records Destruction

Ethical Considerations

• Your Clients' Records

• Your Company's Records