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Accurately Reporting Invoices and Receipts

OnDemand Webinar (81 minutes)

Join us for your comprehensive guide to proactively manage your invoicing systems and identify ways to implement effective invoicing and receipting procedures.Many business owners take for granted the importance of having a systematic invoicing and receipting procedure in place and how it can seriously affect cash flow and bad debt. Businesses often do not understand that their invoice format and procedure alone can determine payment or not. Poor procedures can lead to delays in payment or no payment at all. Systematic tracking of payments is also key to determine what goods or services have been paid and what is still outstanding. This topic helps the persons responsible for invoicing and receipting to understand how first to establish a tracking system and then what is required to carry the processes out effectively, and explains the impact of not resolving payment discrepancies in a timely fashion. Failure to bill accurately and collect timely is the downfall of many businesses. This is critical for any business that wants to get paid.


Lynn Izzo, Debt Collection Consultants



• Definition

• Purpose

• Fundamental Elements of an Effective Invoice

Creating an Invoice

• Company Information

• Header

• Details

Billing/Revenue Cycle Strategy

• Determine Length

• Examples

• Payment Due Date

Role of Billing Department

• Staffing

• Accurate Invoicing

• Timely Invoicing

• Follow-up


• Responsibility-Internal Controls

• Handling Payment Discrepancies

• Ensure Accurate Account Records