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Telephone Collection Call Scripts and How to Respond to Excuses

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Develop skills necessary to effectively navigate through a collection call while remaining professional and compliant.Asking people for payment is the easy part; it gets more difficult for some of us when the person does not readily agree to pay. As collectors we hear many different excuses for nonpayment, some real some not so real. Most excuses are simply the consumer's way of asking for help. They are now in a situation they are not sure how to resolve and in most cases circumstances beyond their control put them in this situation. Most are so overwhelmed by circumstances they cannot see a solution. As a debt collector you have the role of problem solver. How we respond to their excuse can make the difference between effectively collecting payment or not. The most effective tool any successful collector can have is knowledge. It will also help avoid unnecessary complaints while achieving a winning outcome. You will take away responses to the more common excuses and you will hear and learn how to deal with even the most difficult call.


Micki Kell, Midwest Service Bureau, Inc.


Knowledge Is Power

• Know Your Policies

• Know Your Procedures

• Know Your Customer

The Collection Call

• Ask for Payment

• Using Active Listening Skills

• Gathering Information

• Closing the Call for Success


• Common Excuses

• How to Respond