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Late Payment Collection Alternatives: Repayment Agreements and Beyond

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the legality issues that paralegals may come across with bankruptcy cases.The turmoil in the credit market has siphoned available credit from many corporate customers' companies looking for new and continued financing to meet their operations. Now lenders are either charging very high borrowing costs, or refraining from lending at all. For many corporate customers, the reality of tight credit already is limiting daily operational needs, leaving many vendors to these corporate customers with delinquent accounts. Can your customer pay? What are your alternatives in dealing with the delinquent account?


Scott E. Blakeley, Blakeley LLP


Learn the Traditional Credit Management Approach vs. the Modern Approach and the Differences Between Them

• Vendor's View vs. Customer's View: Credit Application Provision and Counterclaims

• Identifying Who Has the Leverage in the Trade Relationship

• Robinson Patman Antitrust Considerations

Learn How to Preserve the Delinquent Customer Through Contract and Credit Enhancements

• Credit Application T&C's

• Personal Guarantees

• Additional Customer Financial Information

• Credit Insurance

• Alternative Payment Methods

• Workout Possibility

Learn How to Deal With Past Due Invoices, While Maintaining Sales

• Using a Repayment Agreement to Fix the Debt

• Fixing Indebtedness and Waiving Claims

• Collateral Pledge

• Dealing With a Customer's Insolvency

• How Arbitration and Mediation Operate as a Means to Collect the Delinquent Account

Learn About Utilizing the Court System to Collect a Delinquent Account

• Jurisdiction

• Prejudgment Remedies

• Timing

• Enforcing a Judgment Through a Writ of Execution

• Judgment Liens

• Garnishments

• Writs of Possession

• Judgment Debtor's Exams