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Managing Multiple Hierarchies in Accounts Receivable Debt Collection

OnDemand Webinar (58 minutes)

Learn how to better manage accounts receivable by utilizing customer hierarchies.Many companies carry over 30-40% of their revenue in accounts receivable each month often times dealing with parent companies and their subsidiaries. This topic helps the person(s) responsible for billing, cash flow, and revenue cycle management understand how to establish a proactive work-flow for improving A/R management, measure collection performance and to understand the processes required when dealing with multiple levels. This information also explains the work-flow to establish the internal collection process, discusses benchmarks and analyzes current position and sets goals to reach peak performance for next back dollars and results. Failing to have a proper A/R work flow system is the most common error companies make in collecting bad debt and managing multiple hierarchies in their customers. Setting clear guidelines for your new financial policy will counteract lost revenue, bad debt write offs and costly internal mistakes.


Laurie Boisclair, District Manager, Transworld Systems


How to Define Internal Collection Policy

• Industry Specific

• Definition of A/R

• Financial Policy

Effects of Aged A/R and Bad Debt

• A/R Analysis

• Aging Reports

• 1st and 3rd Party Collection

Cash Flow Plan

• Staying Current

• Managing Hierarchy of A/R

• A/R Management