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Collection Strategies for Locating Hidden and Transferred Assets

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Get tips and strategies for locating those hard to find assets and get the biggest bang for your client's buck.You will learn how to maximize your time (and your and your client's profit) by focusing on the assets the debtors and defendants don't want you to find. Attorneys can stop wasting time on garnishments and writs returned unsatisfied and get judgments paid off faster, with less work. You can also use these strategies get ahead of other creditors using equitable powers of courts to void liens or order direct transfers.


Briane Pagel, Kerkman & Dunn


Debtor Examinations: When and From Whom Can You Demand Information?

• Spouses and Business Partners

• References

• Landlords/Subcontractors

Public Records and Online Searches: An Overview of the Do's and Don'ts of Public Data Mining

• Facebook® and Other Websites and Potential Liability for Misuse

• Government Agencies That Have Financial Records Which May Be Helpful (and Available)

Using Early Settlements to Improve Collectability: Why Settling for Less Now Might Help You Collect More Than Full-Bore Litigation, and Reduce Expenses