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Mortgage Compliance Refresher and Checklist

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Failing to address the significant industry changes exposes organizations to enforcement activities, examination problems, and/or private litigations or complaints.

The pace of mortgage industry regulation from Washington and state agencies is significant, and the compliance demands on bank and non-bank industry participants continue to grow. There are so many rules and regulations promulgated by consumer protection and prudential regulators that require organizations to update their policies and procedures. Moreover, the enforcement activities generate important lessons that are not distilled for industry participants in a meaningful way. This topic helps organizations involved in mortgage lending and servicing activities to ensure that regulatory guidance from 2015 is part of their compliance program. To the extent that institutional policies and procedures need to be updated to incorporate industry regulations and guidance, this topic will provide participants with the checklist for doing so. This information will enable you to get off to a strong compliance start for the year ahead.


R. Scott Adams, Spilman, Thomas & Battle, PLLC


Mortgage Origination Compliance

• Overview of Rule Changes

• TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure - Enterprise-Wide Changes and Challenges

• Marketing Services Agreements

• HMDA Regulation C Updates

• Mortgage Loan Originator Management and Compensation

• UDAAP Update and Lessons

Mortgage Servicing Compliance

• Loss Mitigation Updates

• Vendor Management Focus

• Lender-Placed and Flood Insurance

Additional Compliance Considerations

• CFPB Complaint Database

• Data Security and Breach Concerns

• Debt Collection