Seminar ID: 100598

The Five C's of Credit

Presented By:
David L. Osburn

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Osburn & Associates, LLC

You will Learn:

  • The “Five Cs of Credit” (main focus of Credit Analysis Basics)
  • Why character is the most important of the Five Cs
  • What it means to be a credit “underwriter”
  • How to look at credit from the perspective of both the creditor and debtor

Attend this brief introductory segment from our full OnDemand Webinar “Credit Analysis Basics: The ABCs of Managing the Company’s Credit Function” and learn about the “Five Cs of Credit,” as follows:

1) Capacity
2) Capital
3) Collateral
4) Conditions
5) Character

Capacity is the company’s cash flow ability or ability to service its debt obligations, capital is the company’s financing sources including debt and equity, collateral are the assets pledge by the company in various financing arrangements, conditions are the economic conditions that impact the company, and character are the moral or ethical standards of the individuals that are managing the company’s credit function. The “Five Cs of Credit” model is the foundation of Credit Analysis Basics!