Seminar ID: 100657

Mitigating Risk of Notary Employees

Presented By:
Chrissey Ladd

Curriculum Developer
Notary Power, LLC

You will Learn:

  • What the supervisory examination requirements demand of your audit teams
  • How to draft effective audit scripts
  • How to satisfy requests for evidence of compliance (and reduce response/explanation time!)

This 10 minute segment taken from our full OnDemand Webinar will provide you with a brief, yet comprehensive portion of the program that will enable you to gain immediate insights to the world of your notary employees. In this quick preview we will focus on the audit and inspection component of notary employees. Clearly defining what a notary public is, understanding each notarial act, and recognizing the simple protections you can put in place are all discussed in detail in the complete 90-minute program, "Mitigating Risk of Notary Employees-Crafting an Effective Notary-Employee Policy.