Seminar ID: 100504

Asset Based Lending Fundamentals

Presented By:
John F.W. Fleming

Densborn Blachly, LLP

You will Learn:

  • How to identify the key aspects of third party relationships.
  • The keys to successfully achieve your primary goals without excessive negotiation.
  • When walking away from a third party agreement is better than moving forward.
  • The key mistakes lenders and their counsel’s make.
  • How to add value by helping lenders avoid significant losses in a liquidation or enforcement.

Asset based loans are full of complex issues. Lenders and their counsel often overlook, misunderstand or undervalue the importance of these third party relationships. This is compounded by the fact that third parties are often uncooperative or uninterested in reaching an agreement. This 10 minute preview of our full 88-minute OnDemand Webinar, will give lenders and attorneys the tools to understand and address third party relationships.