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Title Examination in Oklahoma

Immediate online access to this 184 page manual.
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Don't learn the hard way - errors or omissions in establishing the chain of title can spell disaster.

Do you know everything you need to about title examination? Get an insider's grasp of this detailed procedure so you can do your job thoroughly and confidently. Conducting research, preparing organized information and ensuring accuracy are important to the success of any case - but they're crucial in a real estate transaction.

Purchase these reference materials and get the information you need to successfully conduct title examinations - including do's and don'ts regarding the title search. Learn techniques to ensure your next title examination is not only free of errors but also free of headaches.

These reference materials will provide:
•Learn to read between the lines - perform a thorough and hassle-free title examination
•Find out why locating liens and encumbrances is critical - and what to do when you find them
•Get the lowdown on reading and writing legal descriptions
•Pinpoint problems in surveys ... and know how to resolve them


Dale L. Astle, American Eagle Title & Abstract
Kraettli Q. Epperson
Mee Mee Hoge & Epperson
Robert J. Getchell
Briana J. Ross, Franden | Woodard | Farris | Quillin + Goodnight