How Do You Engage Your Online Banking Customers

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April 3, 2013 — 2,275 views  
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Internet banking is a new age-technological advancement which is widely popular all over the world. This technology has enabled customers to perform their banking transactions from anywhere in the world and at any time, according to their convenience. Most banks provide similar online banking services. In order to attract more customers and to promote their business, professionals in the field of banking should think of varied ideas of internet banking. These ideas will not only help to attract new customers, but will even enhance the banking experience of the existing customers. Given below are a few methods that banking professionals can follow to engage their online customers and expand their business.

Integrate Social Media

As the first step in providing a better customer experience, banks should integrate social media platforms into their online banking website. The bank’s blogs, twitter feeds, Linkedin profile, and Wikipedia content can be linked to the bank’s website.  By creating the bank’s own online communities and providing tools to customers for online banking engagement, you will be able to improve customer service, promote the brand name, and market products. This will serve as a platform for current and existing customers to make enquiries, express their views, and discuss about the products and services offered by the bank.

The online tools like Personal Finance Management (PFM) will help customers to perform their transactions easily and will secure financial transactions over the Internet. The insights gained from social media activity will also help in getting a better idea about the customer preferences, which will help you to take better marketing steps to promote your bank’s name.

Personalization of Accounts

To improve customer satisfaction, banks can introduce personalized services. These services will differ from the regular banking services which are based on the policy that one product fits all. Personalization of services can be done based on the information provided by the customers, which is known as explicit personalization.

Another type of personalization is implicit personalization in which the bank representatives interact with the customer to know more about him/her. Here, the banks monitor the customer interests based on their behavior. This will enable you to provide the user with the exact content that they are looking for when they navigate through the bank’s website.

Personalization of services will help banks to tailor their content or web experience according to each customer’s choice. This will make customers spend more time on banking websites and will also increase the usage of internet banking sites. Personalized services also tend to increase the customer’s trust over the banking services. This will benefit the bank also, as it increases the opportunities for cross-selling, thereby increasing their wallet share. These services will also give your bank an edge over other internet banking sites. Personalization of login homepage, personalized marketing offers, quick links, etc. are some of the personalized services offered by banks.

Increase the Interaction

By introducing more online interactive services, you will be able to provide a richer banking experience to your customers. This will include services like interacting with experts for banking advice and watching videos about specific services and products that are offered by the bank.

The above methods are guaranteed to make the online banking engagement experience of your customers a more pleasant and a fruitful one.

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