Eliminate Unnecessary Paperwork with Document Destruction Standards

March 22, 2012 — 1,618 views  
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Companies may maintain corporate records for a variety of reasons, but unnecessary paperwork can create excessive clutter in a work environment. To avoid this problem, businesses can implement document retention and destruction guidelines across an organization.

Developing a document retention and destruction policy gives you the opportunity to manage paperwork demands. Administrators may track documents including company reports, invoices and tax forms, but keeping these materials on file may be unnecessary after a certain amount of time. You can develop a system to determine how long you should keep printed copies of various documents.

Businesses possess several options to manage paperwork. Some companies may consider keeping digital copies on computer hard drives or portable flash drives, while other organizations might choose to completely destroy documents.

Cloud-based technology allows people to access paperwork on any computer, providing them a virtual copy that can be printed if necessary. Companies may choose this solution because it provides protection against losing documents forever.

Organizations may pursue the alternative as well, using a paper shredder to safely and securely destroy documents. Doing so provides its own form of protection, eliminating any worry about confidential information becoming public knowledge.