Creating Multiple Accounts for Financial Social Media

Kevin Waddel
November 22, 2011 — 1,535 views  
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The financial industry is increasingly using financial social media tactics as a way to promote their organizations or company's mission and messages. It is important for those in the financial industry to be present on all social media platforms, including Blogger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. It is also worthwhile to consider creating multiple accounts on each of these social media platforms.

Blogger: Having a blog is like having a more personalized website. This can provide your audience with thought leadership and expert insight on matters relevant to the financial industry. Financial companies and organizations might consider having a CEO blog, company blog and/or internal blog.

Facebook: This is the one social media platform, where having one account is likely the best route for financial companies and organizations. However, if it is a large financial company with many different sectors and practice areas, you could consider having a separate Facebook page for each of those. This helps get the most relevant information to your audience. For example, a national bank might have different Facebook pages for each sector of their bank. If I am only using that bank as my primary checking account, I can like that specific Facebook page and only receive relevant information to holding a checking account with that bank.

LinkedIn: Financial companies and organizations should encourage their employees to have LinkedIn profiles and follow the company or organization. It is important for employees to have up-to-date profiles and to be relevant contributors.

Twitter: Having multiple accounts for financial Social Media via Twitter can be extremely beneficial. Consider having one main company or organization Twitter account and then one that is designed specifically to handle any customer service questions. When setting up this customer service account remember that your audience will be most receptive to using the account if they feel like there is an actual person handling and responding to their questions. You may also consider having numerous Twitter accounts for the different sector or practice areas as suggested for Facebook.

YouTube: Multiple YouTube channels can be used a variety of ways. Perhaps you have a YouTube channel that specifically has demonstration videos or how-to videos, and another YouTube channel that provides commentary from experts from your company or organization. You might also have a YouTube channel that encourages subscribers to upload their own videos for a contest or other promotion.


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