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Derek Newton
June 30, 2009 — 1,421 views  
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It is easy to lose yourself in the consistent stress accumulating world of business. For some, the overwhelming pile of obligations that caravan along side the opportunity of owning your own business can glorify the repetitive nature of saying "yes sir" to your boss. However, hope is not lost. The cure is simplified order, and the best place to begin is your business finances.

After a couple of deep relaxing breaths, you can begin to bring order to your financial chaos. If you are like me, then you tend to consider too many variables at once until your brain is a big pile of mush. The trick is to zoom in on one thing at a time. Forget the next problem because the right now only has room for one task.

How can something so easy be so difficult to begin? Laziness is obviously a factor, but so is the ability to focus your attention proactively. Once you can concentrate all of your will on one task at a time, you can begin to take control of your business and life. This is freedom from inactivity and surrender.

The idea, in essence, is a holarchy web of tasks. Each containing parts, and each part making up a whole. Of coarse taking control of your finances is not the end of operating your successful business, but it is the foundation for solidarity and control. Once learned, this skill will prove effective when applied to all aspects of your life. To attack a problem you must first identify the factors that are causing the problem. With finances these may stem from a lack of utilizing efficient methods of organization (filing cabinet, automated payments etc...), or it may be something concerning your credit. Identify the problem, dissect it, the concentrate on one at a time!

The first problem to attack is usually scattered bills. Keeping your bills in one place will help diminish the possibility of late payments and in turn keep your credit up. This is just one simple example to convey the importance of some very simple choices we make with our daily routine. Obviously there are much more drastic scenarios in the world, especially that of business finances. However, once you are able to manage your time and tasks you will be ready to manage your success!

I hope this information was useful, and although it may seem redundant, it will not help you unless it is utilized.

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Derek Newton: Architecture student, drafter, and entrepreneur.

Derek Newton