BNZ Technology to Read Your Face for Feedback

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November 7, 2013 — 1,451 views  
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Micro-expressions have long been under study by psychologists. Brought to light by the ground-breaking work done by Paul Ekman, it has been proved that all human emotion can be read through muscular reactions that appear on our faces in a fifth of a second. This involuntary bodily reaction that takes place is universal across all gender, race and ethnicity. Now, a new technology called EmotionScan uses this knowledge by capturing facial twitches that give away vital information about how people feel while engaging in a life-like representation of real events.

This technology is mainly targeted towards those who wish to know how they spend money. It is a common assumption that spending is a logical practice. However, it is now coming to be accepted that spending is based on a mixture of both logic, as well as emotional response. When people are unable to find the right balance between basing their decisions on logic or emotion, they find that their spending style affects their way of life.

Using Technology to Assess how People Spend their Money

The new technology will act as a personal psychiatrist which will effectively determine a person’s spending pattern by reading emotional responses shown on an individual’s face. There are only 43 muscles in the human face, and different formations of expressions display different inert feelings that the people themselves may not know they are undergoing. When people will be able to come to terms with their spending pattern and their emotional response towards things and how it affects the outflow of money, they will be able to improvise and cut down on certain unnecessary expenditures.

This will help long-term savings at the individual level. Now we can come to terms with how irrational we are at times with regard to spending. The webcam on a computer is all people need to uncover fascinating insights about themselves. nViso is a company based in Switzerland that is responsible for developing this application that tracks micro-expressions to track the use of money.

Using Modern Technology to get Honest Feedback

The exciting part of this project is that state-of-the-art technology is being used for people to be able to assess themselves more accurately. The software locates and pin-points hundreds of different parts of the face that move in accordance to fit certain basic emotions that are felt worldwide. The reproduction of these emotions on a person’s face is universal as well.

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