Backbase Introduces New Commercial Banking Portal

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September 11, 2013 — 1,429 views  
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For the past few years, many commercial banks are depending on outdated software and portals to handle their client's accounts and information. Although these portals are highly secure and pretty effective, it lacks a 21st century feel to it due to its lack of design and conceptualization. This has prompted Backbase, one of the leading Dutch Software companies, to create a portal only for commercial banks called Backbase for Commercial Banking. The main purpose of the portal is to increase different banks’ customer experiences as its current portals are outdated.

What was the Purpose of Introducing such a Portal?

As of now, commercial banks are using predated internet systems and shoddy graphical interfaces as their banking portals. Although there is no reduction in efficiency, what banks need now is a portal that is able to look and feel modern and sophisticated. The purpose behind Backbase's Bank 2.0 is to create a portal that uses present day technology to enhance the banking experience for such commercial banks and CFOs. The company has managed to create a rich and interactive solution which will make it easier for banks to assists their customer with any problems that may arise in the future. It will also make sure that problems that are faced with regard to liquidity and forecasting management are slowly removed. 

How Does it Work?

The Backbase portal is one of the company's most innovative solutions for the commercial banking sector. It combines high networking security with the latest developments in customer experience design (UX). It also makes great use of the application integration technology which is required to help banks move past the previous IT investments. The layout and structure of the portal is highly modernized which will make it easier for banks to use the system really well as it is more clear and quicker.

It is an extension of the highly acclaimed Backbase Bank 2.0 Portal which is currently ensuring the success of major banks in Europe, Asia and North America. With the Bank 2.0 portal, Backbase is regarded as one of the pioneers in Engagement Banking and this extension will guarantee that it still remains in top segment. This platform will be directly sold to the commercial banks and it will also include apps for the businesses so that they can easily make the switch from their existing financial services software to Backbase's Commercial Bank edition.

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