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February 25, 2013 – 1,330 views
Michael R. King - Gammage & Burnham
Question: What should my financial services business do in 2013 to prepare for the health insurance mandate of the patient protection and affordable care act that becomes effective in 2014?... Full Story 
February 18, 2013 – 1,696 views
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When the process of foreclosure slowly draws to a close, calling it a ‘case closed’ can be increasingly tempting. However, several other important procedures and steps must be taken during the latter stages of a foreclosure to ensure that proper care of your customer is taken throughout the process. As a banker, when a loan is sanctioned to a customer, information about the customer’s job status, monthly debts, and gross monthly income must be gathered. Underwriters will have to review the customer’s financial information in order to ensure that he can afford periodical payments... Full Story 
February 11, 2013 – 1,603 views
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An effective notary policy is created when a notary public signs and stamps your documents. A notary policy may be developed by using programs such as Microsoft Word or the like. Following are a few useful steps that will help you create a good notarized document. Full Story 
February 6, 2013 – 1,523 views
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Developing an effective loyalty program for your customers can aid in achieving further success for your organization. Following are a few tips to establish such a program... Full Story 
February 1, 2013 – 2,658 views
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Customers’ buying behavior is influenced by reactivation strategies, which contribute towards bringing back old customers who haven’t engaged in business with your company for a while. Following are a few such strategies that may help renew your dormant customers’ interest in your organization... Full Story 
January 15, 2013 – 2,851 views
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Loans usually transit from closing to complete payout according to the loan terms without needing any serious collection effort. But sometimes, loans do not perform like they were expected to owing to numerous reasons. Financial factors usually contribute to commercial loans not performing like they should. Other reasons that contribute to poor performance of loans include a bad economy, advances in technology, poor management, and competition... Full Story 
January 11, 2013 – 1,539 views
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SBA itself does not loan money, but helps people get loans through credit unions, banks, financial institutions, and private lenders who are partners with the SBA. A guarantee is provided for one part of the loan by the SBA. This guarantee is backed by the government. The SBA has an established office in every State in America and aids women and other small entrepreneurs with their business ventures. Although being a lender for SBA is common, it does entail a lot of rules that need to be followed... Full Story 
January 7, 2013 – 1,456 views
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Being a lawyer, you may have helped your client file bankruptcy, but it does not mean that the latter has to give away all his property. With the help of exemptions, he can save some of his assets during a bankruptcy. Every state has its own exemptions for bankruptcy, and if you are the one who’s filed bankruptcy, you will need to use the exemptions that applies to the state that you live in. There are a number of states that let you choose between exemptions made by the Congress and the states’ laws... Full Story